FlexU Orthopedic Ankle Brace with Foot Arch Support



⭐️ 3D Weave Variable Tension designed with gradual pressure to secure constant support, stability & elasticity to the critical weak points of the ankle. Comfortable, breathable & moisture wicking.

✔️ Provides support and stability to your Ankle joint, muscles & Tendons, eliminating or minimizing the risk of ankle sprains during participation in exercise & Sport activities. Maintains foot and ankle full mobility and prevents prolonged disability and subsequent overuse injuries among athletes, both professional and amateurs alike.

💪 Provides comprehensive extra support to the natural dynamic, and static stabilizers of the ankle joint & Tendons. Maintains the Ankle’s natural structural integrity and diminishes weakness and instability of the foot & ankle.

⚡️ Reduces pain & inflammations, improves blood circulation, and, speeds recovery of the foot and ankle injuries, caused by activities involving repetitive use of the tendons, overuse of the tendons or trauma such as Ankle Sprain or Tendons Tear. 

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