FlexU Fitters, Pull Up Assistance Bands -Set of 2




⭐️ PREMIUM QUALITY RESISTANCE BANDS Set of 2 (#1 Blue 10-35lbs. + # 4 Red 50-125lbs.). Redefine your workouts and build ultimate endurance, strength and form with the FlexU Resistance Bands.

✔️ DURABLE & BUILT TO LAST – Enjoy your workouts with confidence knowing that FlexU FITTERS Bands are made of 100% Highest Quality Natural Latex. Designed to last & support even your toughest workouts, they can be stretched repeatedly and retain their strength, flexibility and resistance properties, for years.

👌 SPECIALLY DESIGNED POUCH - KEEPS THE BANDS NEAT, UNTANGLED & READY TO USE – Store or take them out quickly using the highly durable pouch. Careful inspection of the bands is performed after each use, as you roll them to shape in order to fit the bands into the pouch, making sure there are no nicks or tears and the bands are not damaged and are safe to use next time out.

💪 VERSATILE FITNESS BAND - FlexU Fitters are perfect for an endless variety of exercises such as Pull Ups Assistance, Push Ups Resistance, Pilates, Yoga and Power Lifting and will improve your GYM BARBELLS & DUMBBELLS Exercises ability and will help build muscle performance, strength & flexibility. Each exercise band offers a different level of resistance or assistance to a wide variety of exercises such as Pull-up, Squats, Strength Training, Power Lifting, Cross-Fit and more.

⚡️BUILD STRENGTH & IMPROVE MUSCLE ENDURANCE & MOBILITY - Change your bands combination selection according to the desired exercise level. For best assisted PULL UPS or RESISTANCE EXERCISES PERFORMANCE - Gradually build your performance by combining multiple bands to increase or decrease the assistance or resistance level in order to further challenge your muscles abilities. Change between different resistance levels and pick colors to match your equipment style.

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