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FlexU Tape enables Prolonged Usage Thanks to The Durable Rayon Fabric, With a Superb, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic Adhesive Properties, that Provides Long Lasting Support.
Intricately Woven Fabric Wrap, Designed to Act as a Reinforcement Brace & Flexible Splint, Providing Support & Stability to Muscles & Joints, During & After Exercise.
The unique HONEYCOMB Print Pattern, Enables to Achieve the Desired Stretch Level For Best Results. 


Made in China

FlexU Pro Grade Kinesiology Tape, helps support muscles and joints during training and exercises.
FlexU Pro Grade Kinesiology Tape application, provide a long-lasting support while at the same time, maintain a full range of motion.

FlexU Kinesiology tape is most popular amongst Physiotherapists, athletes & sports active people.

The use of synthetic rayon fabric makes this tape a high end quality product with its light weight, soft, silky smooth feel.

FlexU is Highly recommended for all sports activities such as tennis, biking, swimming, jogging, track & field, hiking, etc.  

FlexU Kinesiology tape provides great support.